Welcome to the flat earth!

This site is about the flat earth is now active. On our website we want to provide you with useful information and news about the the real flat world around us. Debates and discussions and new content with more proof the earth is flat and not a globe. Please come back to our site whenever you have time and be amazed with what we have got to offer.

Why is this site important? Many people still believe in the lies created by the governments of the world and by NASA. People say the earth is round and it’s spinning at an amazing speed. Yet when we look around us we don’t see any of this. We see a world that is stable, flat and where everything is different than what they tell us. Ofcourse we understand that many of you visitors are skeptical. We were once like you. We too believed the earth was a sphere and it was spinning around at 1000s of miles an hour. We never questioned what education thought us even when we started to realize they were lying about more things. But not anymore. We are awake now. And we will never be silenced.

Everything they told you was a lie and we are going to prove it to you! Watch the flat earth evidence for yourself and see why we know for sure that we are right. And we will continue to fight for freedom of information about this subject. Join us in this epic battle. We need your help. Use the facts we provide to you to inform your friends. And make sure to tell them to visit our website to. Because all the information we give you is well researched. We are not just making it up. We are not like the mainstream media. We are the army of the alternative media. Normal people like you. Flat earth believers until we die.

So bookmark and share our website. We will help eachother to wake up the entire world to the true facts. We are not living on a sphere and when we are done everyone will know it!