I am Henry, a traveller on the flat earth like all of you. My entire life I was made to believe that we are living on a spinning ball going at 1000s of miles per hour. But not anymore. I realized they lied to me and the goal in my life is to travel the world and collect the proof of it. Join me on my journey to expose the liars and to help educate the general public about what is really going on. Our fight is worth every second of it.

Are you interested to learn more about the flat earth? Or do you just want to ask some questions? I would love to hear from you. I will always try to answer your messages. If I do not reply within a day, do not give up, because eventually I will, sometimes I just get a lot of feedback and request.

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So next to this site there is a lot of interesting content for you to enjoy. But we can always do more. We just have to do it because no one else does it for us.

Do you want to just talk to me directly without using social media? That is also possible. You can reach me on my email address:

As an observer and full time researcher I am interested in all the proof you have to add to my collection. So do not hesitate to talk to me if you have anything to offer. Even if you are not convinced of the evidence you’ve got, still feel free to convince me. I might be able to help you decide of what you have is pure gold, or just food for the globtards who will use it to discredit you. We have to stick together boys and girls.