To the people who are awake it is pretty clear that the earth is flat. But how can we convince the globetards that they have been lied to all their lives? It is very difficult to get them out of the hypnosis created by the evil scientists from NASA. For decades NASA has been spreading their false CGI images saying these were all real pictures of the earth, the moon and the planets. So how can we blame the globetards for acting like idiots when we present them with the truth?

But there are 5 simple ways to prove the earth is flat. That flat earth is real and the globe hoax is a lie. Below we present to you your tools to enlighten the masses. Here is all you need.

Proof that the earth is not round but flat:

1: Why is the earth curved in NASA pictures but never in pictures taken by amateurs?

NASA has been lying to everyone and is showing CGI pictures created by former nazi scientists like Werner von Braun. Many of you already know the moon landings were fake. But the truth is even scarier. These scientists are masters of deception and are recruited by Project Paperclip after World War 2. They are actually not just in NASA but also the Russians recruited many of them. These scientists have taken over everything that has to do with (fake) space travel. Everything you know is a lie!

2: Engineers make everything straight, not curved. How can this be logical if the earth is round?

It isn’t. The fact that everything is build straight is proof that the earth is in fact flat. If it was curved it would be impossible to have everything be straight. This is not difficult to understand, any globetard should be convinced by it.

3: Why don’t planes have to fly downward?

Exactly. If the earth was really round then planes would simply fly off in to space. Why is it a fact that pilots do not have to adjust their planes to fly down sometimes? This is further proof that the earth is flat. It is not a globe!

4: What about planes travelling across the world?

If Earth and the atmosphere would be constantly spinning eastwards with speeds over 1000 miles per hour, then the average commercial airliner traveling 500 miles per hour should never be able to reach its Eastward destinations before they come speeding up from behind. Likewise destinations in the west should be reached at three times the speed, but this is not the case.

5: And what happens to rivers?

If the earth was a ball 25,000 miles in circumference as NASA and modern astronomy claim, spherical trigonometry dictates the surface of all standing water must curve downward an easily measurable 8 inches for each mile, multiplied by the square of the distance. This means along a 6 mile channel of standing water, the Earth would dip 6 feet on either end from the central peak. Every time such experiments have been conducted, however, standing water has proven to be perfectly level.

Do you want to know more?

Some celebrities are now spreading the truth!

As you all know many celebrities are part of secret societies where real truth is shared that is hidden to the masses. But some celebrities leave and speak out, knowing their lives are in danger if they do so. But these proud fighters for truth are with us and they are not backing down.

Tila Tequila is one of them:

Another famous celebrity is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. alias B.o.B:

These heroes fight to get the real information out. And like them, we will never stop. Join our struggle to educate the masses and show the entire world that the earth is flat.

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