Updates: Our Flat Earth Facebook page is up!

The Flat Earth movement expands! As everyone knows Facebook heavily censors everyone but it is still the largest social media site in the world. To get your word out you need Facebook and this is why we are active there now as well. So if you are on Facebook then visit our page and maybe leave it a like or share it to your friends.

We will continue work on this site and we will work hard to provide you with all the flat earth evidence you need on here, but we will also expand to the Facebook network to increase our reach even further. And for that we need your help.

These days we just can’t do without a strong social networking presence. At the contact page you could already find our Twitter, Deviantart and Pinterest details, but now Facebook is added to that as well. And we welcome you to check it out.

Find our page on Facebook at:

Real Flat Earth Memes

Are you an active Facebook user and do you perhaps want to help us with managing the page? Upload a meme or two a week or write an interesting story? Then use the Contact section on this site to drop us a message. We will get back to you and together we can work on it. We would really appreciate your help because we are only a few people and we cannot afford to spend our entire days on it. So we need you!

New visitors: Are you new on this blog about the flat earth? Visit the Evidence section to read more about the proof we have that the earth is flat. Do you want to spread the word? Visit the Shop section and get yourself a t-shirt to let the world know that you are awakened to the truth. Visit the Donate section if you can spare us a few cents to continue our work.

We want to thank everyone for your continued support. It really makes us happy to see so many people visiting our site every day. Already 4000 new people visited our site last month and this month the amount of visitors will double. Amazing guys!

As always, I am Flat Henry, your friendly guide travelling the flat earth.