Proves For Flat Earth Get Stronger

Researchers have been collecting a lot of proves for the last years’ one of hottest subjects; the Earth being flat.

There are science projects, GoFund and books to strengthen this theory. We will talk about the main points they made.

You can see the horizon as a flat line wherever you go. Only in NASA and similar government sites the Earth is shown as a globe in photographs. It is because there is a huge global conspiracy theory played on all of us and globalism as a secret agenda by the rich appears throughout the entire fields concerning the world issues.


If the Earth was really a globe, we would see the horizon only partly and not as an entire line.



Earth being flat prevents planes from going off the atmosphere into the space.


If Earth is really a spinning globe, why do we try to reach our destinations by planes, helicopters and jets? Why don’t we wait on an air terminal instead, set somewhere in the sky for our destination to come to us? It would certainly much cheaper than wasting all the fuel and high technology to improve faster vehicles all the time.


Besides, if the Earth was a sphere, planes and other flying vehicles travelling against the spinning direction of the Earth would never be able to reach their destinations or they’d have to spend a lot more effort, fuel and extra speed than they would go towards the direction of the Earth spinning.


Earth is flat and it prevents water from leaking. Look at the lakes, seas, and ponds. It’s because of the flat shape of the Earth we can enjoy them without them constantly leaking towards the direction the Earth is thought of spinning by the globalists.


Same way, streams and rivers don’t flow uphills to reach the sea or ocean because the Earth is flat.


If the Earth was globe, trains, buses or cars going for a long distance would end up reaching their destinations kilometers high from the ground.


Our beloved Flat Earth will make us amaze at its wonder every passing day. Thanks to all researchers helping us understand some of its secrets including its perfect flat shape.


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